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Through our years of experience, we have learned that many people approach weight loss with good intentions and determination that over time fizzles out leading to first small then large deviations. Why does this happen? We have determined that there is a “MISSING X FACTOR” that is mostly overlooked in weight loss programs. The missing factor is our emotional landscape and our emotional relationship to food. Under stress – good or bad – many people reach to food for comfort and that need can undermine the best of intentions to stay on track.


Many people say no. Are you sure? Let’s start by gaining an understanding of what Emotional Eating really is and then take the quiz (Link to send quiz – asking for their name and email.


What is Emotional Eating? It’s likely not what you think.

Most people when they think of emotional eating they automatically think of gluttony – eating out of control – going face down into a tub of ice cream, followed by a whole pack of yummy chocolate cookies and then…You get the picture.  Is this emotional eating – likely –  however it is only one type – it is not the only picture of emotional eating.

Emotional eating can, and does, look many different ways – for those who have bought into the myth of “eat less and exercise more” the picture can look like exercising multiple times a week and eating only a stick of celery a day for fear for of gaining weight or in my case fear of becoming Type 2 Diabetic – yes, there is a story about me there – (Insert link to Deb’s story). Emotional eating can be triggered by many things. Sources of triggers abound and are unique to everyone. Sample triggers could be rooted in a history of a well meaning mother hovering over you watching everything you eat in fear of their adorable child becoming heavy and ultimately less adorable, or it could be not eating because the dinner table is where everyone in turn took a nightly dressing down from their parents – over time making it hard from a young age to swallow anything at all.

The interesting thing is that most under eaters are perplexed – they have no understanding of why they cannot lose weight and in fact are frustrated because they seem to be getting fatter over the years.

The fact is all these stories – overeating or undereating – have a commonality.  Judgement.  Voices from the past. Misguided influence.  Negative feelings. The need to self-sooth. All these stories are rooted in or triggered by stress. The interesting thing is that no matter what the story there is a physiological commonality.  The commonality is this – the presence of stress – and stress triggers the release of cortisol into your body and resulting in the promotion of fat storage.

New Years is typically a  time when many of you will resolve to get healthier and lose weight.  Other times there is a goal – a family event where we need to look our best. We start the year determined and breaming with will power. We go off to the gym; we clear our cupboards of junk food and set goals.  We are going to make this time!  This is the year! We make progress and then something happens – something that starts to undermine our will power.

After New Years we’re back at work after the holidays all gung ho just to find that Joe or Josephine got a promotion instead of you and get to work on the exciting new project you wanted; the bills come in and you’re wondering how to manage them; the friends and family that were visiting have all gone home and you are left lonely and sad; you had high hopes for the Christmas season and really it was a gong show – Aunt Mary really should cut down on the wine – you are tired, frustrated and disappointed.  It is winter – it is cold – and snowy.  Another evening in in front of the TV looks a lot more appealing than going to the gym. Or I blew it – I had a piece a chocolate – just one mind you – oh heck the day is ruined – I might as well eat whatever.  I am a failure – sigh. I will start again tomorrow….maybe…

The stories are endless. The point is that we are all emotional beings –  and our day to day experience brings emotions. We experience a mixed bag of emotions every day – some negative, some positive –  unfortunately we are frequently unbalanced.

With emotions come stress and stress can be a powerful demotivator. Unchecked stress will trump will power every time.

So why is this important?  In 11 years of coaching in health and weight management I have seen many successes and just as many failures. I have asked over and over what is different for those who succeed and those who find it just too hard and give up.  The answer – the root cause – is simple.  It is stress and stress is the Missing “X” FACTOR which undermines high hopes and erodes resolutions.

The good news is that story can change – YOUR story can change. There is within you a power that is equally powerful, if not more powerful than stress.  This power can change the cycle. It is the power of the heart. You can learn how to access the power of your heart and change your emotional landscape. As your landscape shifts to a diet of powerful emotions you can regain your control, take back your power, change your physiology, and your life.

In our coaching program – a step by step, very intentional process, we lead you through a journey of introspection, gaining insight into triggers, teach you an active set of tools to release the power of emotional triggers and then coach you how to access the intuitive power of the heart. It is this power – the power of the positive emotions stored in the heart that can break the cycle and break you free of self soothing with external factors such as food, shopping, wine…

Using state of the art technology the Inner Balance® tool you practice and gain capability in accessing the power of the heart and in doing so reduce your stress.  The benefits will be many – not only in being more successful in weight loss, but also in communication, relationship, resilience and overall well being.

The journey to ideal health and weight is a worthwhile goal.  In building a new lifestyle we believe the foundational first step is to reduce your stress and change your emotional landscape.  Then you will have the capacity to embark about a weight loss program and reach your goals.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting difference results. Instead of starting one more diet are you open to take a new approach to change YOUR story and get a different result? If so, read more about our Stopping Emotional Eating program on the Programs page.

Deborah Spence is an ICF Certified Executive Coach, and an accredited Coach/Mentor with HeartMath®. In the past 11 years she has coached hundreds of people in health and weight management. To reach Deborah call Ideal Weight Management Cochrane at 403-851-0123 or fill out the contact us form on this website.

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