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The Team

Our team consists of three dedicated coaches – each of which have faced the challenge of weight loss and continue to make lifestyle changes to maintain their achievements long term.

Deborah – Clinic Owner and Coach

I had the fear of God instilled in my when doctors told me I was diabetic when I was 14! I had already both lost my Grandmother and aunt to the disease – my aunt after they cut off the WRONG LEG and had to cut off the remaining leg! I was terrified!

This news started a cycle of one diet after another Plus extensive exercise – anything to keep the weight off. Mostly I did not eat and when I did I ballooned! Along the way I found Dr. Atkins – learning that my body love protein. I was able to control my weight BUT, the big BUT was with a steady diet of high fat – a high fat free for all – my cholesterol went THROUGH THE ROOF!! So I found myself one more time up 27 pounds with a dangerous cholesterol level.

Divine intervention brought me to Creating Balance (now called Ideal Weight Management Cochrane) and the Ideal Protein weight loss method. I was skeptical that this would work – after all I had been on a ‘high protein” protocol for a long time.

I had to eat my words! I lost my weight including 7 inches off my waist, and best of all reserved my ratio of good cholesterol to bad! And the best news – I have kept the weight off for going on 5 years! I no longer worry about diabetes.

My goals are two-fold: one, is to share the story – to help others avoid the ravages of diabetes – a terrible disease and reduce the risk of other weight related diseases! Secondly to help you, through education, enjoy long term sustainable results through healthy eating.

I have kept my weight off since March 2009 – ongoing 11 years!


As with a lot of people, I have spent the majority of my adult life battling weight issues. My story will start, therefore, on that undetermined day which finally presented itself.

After having dealt with a very volatile work situation I actually had an unexpected emotional breakdown. I won’t go into details, but let’s just call it hitting ‘Rock Bottom’. The fact of the matter is that until that moment I wasn’t aware that I was in crisis. Like most people, I was living from day to day telling myself that I was happy and healthy. What a shock to realize just how unhappy I was. I couldn’t stop crying for days. All of the very well-meaning people around me tried to help and make me feel better, but the truth is that they couldn’t help because they had no idea how deep the problem was. Eventually I realized that I had to get some professional help. Through this process I was able to determine that my unhappiness stemmed from the fact that I was out of control of my body. My weight, as well as my overall health, were weighing heavily on me. I needed to get back in control.

On May 17, 2005 my transformation started at 5’2” and 240 lbs. That was the day that I signed up with a weight loss center. Now you must remember that for 15 years I had been half heartedly trying every quick fix, get skinny fast thing that came along losing a few pounds here and a few pounds there, but always bouncing back up to where I started. The difference this time was that I recognized that there was no quick fix, only a true lifestyle change that could help me. The only program that can truly work is the internal one. Outside influences can give you tools such as things to avoid and things to incorporate, but at the end of the day the only success is the actual change within yourself. Others can tell you to limit specific foods. They can suggest that you keep a journal, and that you eat at certain times of day. Nothing will ever change until you do.

On May 20, 2006 after an entire year of ups and downs I achieved my goal of 140 lbs, 100 lbs lost. I hesitate to show the before pictures because I still see that person occasionally when I look in the mirror but think it may be encouraging to someone else out there.

My transformation was 13 years ago.  Over time, life happened as it does with all of us – a move, grandbabies, etc.  The regime that I had lost the weight relaxed and I regained a number of pounds.  Determined to get back on track I was fortunate to find Ideal Weight Management Cochrane and the Ideal Protein™ protocol. I so valued the 1:1 coaching support, further education, and the doctor derived weight loss protocol.  I renewed my determination and reached my goals however this time I was supported in learning how to build a sustainable lifestyle and keep it off long term.  Events no longer challenge me – I know what to do.

Deborah recognized the passion in me and when the opportunity came up in 2016 to join her coaching team I
jumped at the chance.  I knew that having walked in your shoes the value I could offer is empathy and insight to my clients.

Fast forward to Feb 2018 my husband – tall and thin – was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes!  Who knew?  We had the opportunity to experience the medical profession’s approach to Type 2 Diabetes firsthand. There were numerous appointments with doctors, nutritionists, health care nurses, specialists and several health care personnel that I have forgotten. All these professionals espoused eating well and exercising regularly as the key to keeping blood sugar levels where they need to be – with medication of course. There were mixed messages – eating well meant different things to all these trained professionals than what we had learned with Ideal Protein™. Clearly, they were not as well informed as we assumed and trusted them to be.

Then in July of 2018 my mother nearly died of complications related to Metabolic Syndrome and Type 2 Diabetes. She spent 2 and a half weeks in the U of A hospital battling to recover kidney function and heart health. Medical insight into a drug interaction saved her life. The near loss of my Mom served as a re-affirmation that living a healthy lifestyle is very important. Although her hospital care was very good, I was shocked that Medical professionals are not well trained in nutrition. The “diabetic diet” provided to my very ill mother was extremely overloaded with starches and sugars. I was challenged and continue to be challenged, to teach her that eating as she was would be extremely detrimental to her overall health. I continue to work with her to get her blood sugar levels in line so that she can have a better quality of life.

My goal, as your coach, is to support you in every way – providing you with education, feedback and support throughout your journey – as you strive to build and sustain a new lifestyle. 

Theresa – Senior Coach

Ideal Protein changed my life in 2009! It made my realize that to take care of anyone else I needed to start by taking care of myself first! The first step was to get my weight under control – within three months on Ideal Protein I reached my goal by dropping 32 pounds! AND thanks heavens lost the middle I gained through menopause!

This weight loss has brought me SO many benefits! I regained my confidence, fitness began my friend, became agile, and gained an understanding of healthy food combinations.

And most important to me I gained the support and respect of my children as a role model.

Maintenance is a life journey. The best thing about being a coach is that I get to give back what Ideal Protein gave me!

The Protocol

Our medically developed weight loss protocol and smarter lifestyle choices education offers dieters what they really want…a structured program that can put an end to constant dieting.


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