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Steven D.

Lost 110 lbs.

I am definitely in a better emotional and physical state; and am mostly thankful to have returned to my old spiritual frame of mind. I enjoy and want to walk and exercise. My balance is getting better daily. I can again climb ladders without fear of falling. I can lift either leg over my motorcycle and climb stairs again with ease. The day-to-day stresses of life that were controlling my anger and despair have mostly disappeared. Food-wise, I have come to realize that a small piece of something great is better than a big piece of something good, and that moderation is the key.

My Story:

I have always been a Foody – a person who “loves to eat” and lots of it! Christmas of 2017, I tipped the scale at 300+ pounds. My weight had slowly increased from 180 pounds at age 30. My wife, children and doctor had been asking me to shed a little weight for many years. I tried many times but always fell short.

I just happened upon Ideal Weight Management Cochrane and Deborah Spence – she is very dedicated, knowledgeable and passionate about helping others to obtain a new lifestyle. There is no judging and she is always there to listen and help.

What Most Surprised Me About My Journey:

Several things surprised me. I got to eat lots! The 5-minute daily videos were timely following my journey through the times I was struggling. The unconditional support I got from Deborah and Guidel. They are passionate about their client’s transformation. I loved learning how to cook all the right foods and making new creations. The whole program is well defined; including the “little bit of exercise” videos; and the 3 minute or less cooking videos.

Signature Statement:

Thank you, God, Deborah Spence of Ideal Weight Management Cochrane, and Ideal Protein. I have been born again, and have a new lease on life - spiritually, mentally and physically.

I am long-term type 2 diabetic. Upon visiting my doctor a couple of years ago I was told that I was at the point where I would need to start an insulin regimen. I had witnessed a very close family friend deteriorate to the point where he passed away from complications of Type 2 Diabetes. This did not sit well with me and I decided to search for a better plan.

After reading an advertisement in the paper, I noticed that Ideal Protein offered a program to help reduce AIC’s and also weight loss. The convenience of the program was refreshing. As well, it was surprising that I never felt hungry on the program. Couldn’t believe how much food I was allowed to eat, most programs I had looked at the food was decreased.

I was excited that my clothes were not fitting anymore and extremely impressed with the difference in sizes I was now looking at. As well it is nice to have people commenting on my appearance and asking what I was doing. Most importantly, my A1C levels have dropped from in the high 7’s to the 5’s and have stayed there for over 18 months. This has made my doctor extremely pleased. She has had to adjust some of my medications in the right direction and I am no longer in danger of having to take insulin.

I am proud that I committed to my Amazing Transformation because I have my health back and can go on to live a normal life.

Jacquie C.

Hello fellow and prospective clients:

Post-Christmas, I was experiencing joint soreness in my knees, muscle strain in my lower back, extremely low energy and I was bordering on the need for a CPAP for mild sleep apnea. I reluctantly started the Ideal Protein plan in late January: after all, in just 2 weeks I was headed to Mexico on an all-inclusive vacation.

To my surprise, by following the program, I still lost weight while enjoying all the amenities of the vacation resort. With the loss of 40 pounds in 4 short months, my medical health improved, my energy level increased, I felt great physically and mentally. Today: with two years of following the program and continuing with the lifestyle change it supported, I’m enjoying the ability to get outdoors and spend time with the family without the physical fatigue I’d previously experienced.

When I recently saw my family physician for a physical, she was amazed at the transformation and couldn’t stress enough the positive effect this lifestyle change would have on life expectancy and overall health.

Huge THANKS to Deborah and the coaches at Ideal Weight Management in Cochrane, AB.

Len A.

Glen S.


Melissa & Jessica

Real Reviews

While on Phase One of Ideal Protein, I became more aware of how my emotional state affected my food choices. The Stopping Emotional Eating Program has helped me further, to be more aware of myself in the moment. Looking back I can see where some of the excess sugar choices were developed as I was growing up.  Stopping Emotional Eating is a journey that compliments my diet program beautifully. It is life changing for me and has me going on the right road to success.

Rhonda C.

Cochrane, AB

This process has shown me a tool that I believe will be invaluable to myself for years to come. It has shown me a way to empower myself to deal with my own stress on a regular basis as long as I make the effort for myself. 

Karri M.

Cochrane, AB

It is with much gratitude that I thank Deb Spence for offering the course Stopping Emotional Eating and introducing me to the HeartMath® technique. During the length of the course I learned not only how to control my emotional eating but how to get in tune with my emotions in all areas of my life. With reference to emotional eating, she taught me to use various techniques to really understand what I am feeling at any given moment and let my body tell me what it needs. I work in a high stress environment and have realized that using these techniques, it has enhanced my abilities as a supervisor. Taking time to breathe through my heart, I can calm myself allowing me to listen effectively and speak mindfully. In my personal life, I have always displayed high blood pressure readings when attending hospitals. Recently when dealing with an unexpected health issue, I was able to use the technique of breathing through my heart just seconds prior to having my blood pressure taken. Much to my surprise and delight, the reading was absolutely normal! This has never happened before. As well, I can attest that during one of our sessions I had an epiphany where I came to realize that I can make a change, that I can solely be responsible for that change and I truly, in my heart and soul, believed it. I was overcome with joy and gratitude. It was wonderful to be able to share that experience with Deb. I cannot thank her enough for helping change my life.

Sue H.

Cochrane, AB

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