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Deborah Spence

Clinic Owner and Coach

Wellness & Lifestyle Transformation Coach

I had the fear of God instilled in me when doctors told me I was diabetic when I was 14! I had already both lost my Grandmother and Aunt to the disease – my aunt after they cut off the WRONG LEG and had to cut off the remaining leg! I was terrified!

This news launched a cycle of one diet after another, combined with an extensive regime of exercise - anything to keep the weight off. Mostly I did not eat and when I did, I ballooned! Along the way I found the Dr. Atkins protocol. I learned my body loves protein. Initially I was able to control my weight BUT, the big BUT was with a steady diet of high fat – a high fat free for all – my cholesterol went THROUGH THE ROOF!! So, I found myself one more time up 27 pounds, sadly with a dangerously high bad cholesterol level.

Divine intervention brought me to Creating Balance (now called Ideal Weight Management Cochrane) and the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method. I was skeptical that this would work – after all I had been on a “high protein” protocol for a long time. I had to eat my words! I lost my weight within 3 months, lost 7 inches off my waist, and amazingly reversed my ratio of good cholesterol to bad!

Sadly, the family strife continued – we lost my nephew at the age of 36 due to complications of obesity. His estimated weight at passing was 540 pounds. During COVID I lost my brother - Type 2 Diabetic - to a massive heart attack. Another brother, an insulin dependent Type 2 Diabetic has suffered from high blood pressure and has had three stokes. I share my story as the fight of weight management involves so much more than following a diet plan and exercise.
80% of successful lifestyle change is directly linked to Mindset. The missing piece – the “X” factor is the emotional landscape, as emotions will always trump willpower.

I now dedicate my coaching to supporting people with stress and emotional eating. If these factors are not addressed keeping weight off will always result in a lifetime of physical and emotional struggle.

Guidel Ziegler


Wellness & Weight Loss Coach

As with a lot of people, I have spent most of my adult life battling weight issues. After having dealt with a very volatile work situation I had an unexpected emotional breakdown. I won’t go into details, but let’s just call it hitting ‘Rock Bottom’. The fact of the matter is that until that moment I wasn’t aware that I was in crisis. Like most people, I was living from day to day telling myself that I was happy and healthy. What a shock to realize just how unhappy I was. I couldn’t stop crying for days. All the very well-meaning people around me tried to help and make me feel better, but the truth is that they couldn’t help because they had no idea how deep the problem was. Eventually I realized that I had to get some professional help. Through this process I was able to determine that my unhappiness stemmed from the fact that I was out of control of my body. My weight, as well as my overall health, were weighing heavily on me. I needed to get back in control.

That was the day that I signed up with a weight loss center. The difference this time was that I recognized that there was no quick fix, only a true lifestyle change that could help me. The only program that can truly work is the internal one. Outside influences can give you tools such as things to avoid and things to incorporate, but at the end of the day the only success is the actual change within yourself.

On May 20, 2006 after an entire year of ups and downs, and choosing to fuel my body as opposed to filling it, I achieved my goal of 140 lbs., 100 lbs. lost. I hesitate to show the before pictures because I still see that person occasionally when I look in the mirror but think it may be encouraging to someone else out there. My entire family is happier now because I have far more energy and am a much more fun person to be around. They tell me constantly that it was all worth it in the end. They are the ones who can say that as they were there through all of the depression and the hard times as well as all of the accomplishments and good times. All of this has led to my passion for living and eating well and helping others to do the same.

Real Reviews

While on Phase One of Ideal Protein, I became more aware of how my emotional state affected my food choices. The Stopping Emotional Eating Program has helped me further, to be more aware of myself in the moment. Looking back I can see where some of the excess sugar choices were developed as I was growing up.  Stopping Emotional Eating is a journey that compliments my diet program beautifully. It is life changing for me and has me going on the right road to success.

Rhonda C.

Cochrane, AB

This process has shown me a tool that I believe will be invaluable to myself for years to come. It has shown me a way to empower myself to deal with my own stress on a regular basis as long as I make the effort for myself. 

Karri M.

Cochrane, AB

It is with much gratitude that I thank Deb Spence for offering the course Stopping Emotional Eating and introducing me to the HeartMath® technique. During the length of the course I learned not only how to control my emotional eating but how to get in tune with my emotions in all areas of my life. With reference to emotional eating, she taught me to use various techniques to really understand what I am feeling at any given moment and let my body tell me what it needs. I work in a high stress environment and have realized that using these techniques, it has enhanced my abilities as a supervisor. Taking time to breathe through my heart, I can calm myself allowing me to listen effectively and speak mindfully. In my personal life, I have always displayed high blood pressure readings when attending hospitals. Recently when dealing with an unexpected health issue, I was able to use the technique of breathing through my heart just seconds prior to having my blood pressure taken. Much to my surprise and delight, the reading was absolutely normal! This has never happened before. As well, I can attest that during one of our sessions I had an epiphany where I came to realize that I can make a change, that I can solely be responsible for that change and I truly, in my heart and soul, believed it. I was overcome with joy and gratitude. It was wonderful to be able to share that experience with Deb. I cannot thank her enough for helping change my life.

Sue H.

Cochrane, AB

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